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Hansen & Larson, LLC is a law firm experienced in family law, divorce, wills & trusts and more.

Few life transitions are as difficult as a divorce.  Whether you have been married for a short period of time or for decades, having a skilled and compassionate attorney on your side to ensure that all aspects of your family law matter are handled properly is essential.  Divorces often involve dividing substantial assets and debts, establishing spousal support, and determining custody and parenting time.  All of these issues are emotional and have far-reaching financial consequences, which must be contemplated and provided for in your divorce judgment.

Kelly and Kristin are both deeply knowledgeable about the laws, court process, and potential problems in a divorce or custody battle.  They are aggressive when the situation calls for it and tough if your case ends up in court, but they also know when it is in a client’s best interest to negotiate instead of litigate.  Hansen & Larson, LLC strives to provide all of our clients with the best service and most cost-effective representation while devoting ourselves to an outcome that achieves the results our clients want.

The first step in divorce is to open a court case.  This is done by filing a Petition for dissolution of marriage, and this makes you the Petitioner.  The petition sets forth all the relief that you request.  After the petition is filed, the other party (the Respondent) has to respond to your petition.  From there, any number of actions can be filed, including temporary custody, temporary spousal support, and exclusive use of the home.

Assets and liabilities are divided between parties in the context of what is “just and proper.”  This process involves first discovering all of the assets and liabilities of the parties, valuing each asset and liability, and then allocating them between the parties.

The final step is the General Judgement of Dissolution of Marriage.  This is your divorce decree and finalizes the terms of your divorce.



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Kelly Hansen and Kristin Larson are assertive trial attorneys who will provide the guidance, representation and support you need.
The Bend, Oregon family law firm provides every client with cost-effective, compassionate, and discreet representation.
Bend, Oregon attorneys making a real difference. Both Kelly and Kristin participate in several organizations striving to promote positive change in Central Oregon…

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“This legal team represented patience and confidence when I was feeling insecurity and anxiety.”   – Gregg

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