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Adoption is a life altering event regardless of the circumstances and having professional legal counsel, support and guidance is imperative. Whether you are the new adopting parent(s) or the biological parent, representation by Hansen & Larson, LLC is the very first step to a smooth adoption experience for all.

If you are the adoptive parents and have not already identified your child, we will gladly refer you to agencies who can assist you. Our role as your attorneys begins when the child you are adopting has been identified. Perhaps your are adopting the child of a spouse or relative, or in other cases, a new infant you plan on welcoming into your home.

We will begin with the biological parent consenting to the adoption.  The paperwork that relates to this step is prepared by our firm.  A petition is filed with the courts, and a home study (for independent adoptions) is scheduled, or a request for a waiver thereof in the case of stepparent adoptions.

Our firm will file a General Judgment of Adoption for the Judge and upon signing, the adoption will be final. Finally, a new birth certificate will be issued upon our request. If you are the Biological Parent, we will prepare the paperwork giving your consent and follow through with all the steps such that the adoption is handled delicately.

Kristin Larson, an adoptive parent, wholly understands the myriad of personal and legal steps involved in adoption and ensures gentle guidance through this life changing process.

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